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PetroTechnologies, Inc. has been providing products and services for the completion of oil and gas wells since 1996. Principal products include redundantly sealed downhole small tube connector systems. The goal is to reduce leak probability, improve system reliability, and eliminate costly remediation without injuring personnel or the environment.

PetroTechnologies, Inc. design philosophy is as follows:

1) Protect personnel and the environment. 
2) Prevent a tubing to annulus leak. 
3) Select the best material based on worst case requirements. 
4) Use the fewest possible connections to eliminate leak paths. 
5) Easy installation and simple testing procedures to reduce the chance of installation damage or error. 
6) Design fault tolerant systems.

Hanger Conenctors
Hanger Connectors

Petrotechnologies offers hanger connector crossovers to terminate injection and control tubes at the hanger. The most popular connection at the underside of the hanger is 9/16" medium pressure. We offer that and our patented redundant sealed medium pressure connector.

Standard Tube Connector
Standard Tube Connector

The standard redundantly sealed connector is a simple redundant design for applications up to 5/8". Features include simple installation, vibration resistant, and externally testable. Applications include safety valves, sliding sleeves, chemical injection, hanger connectors.

Standard sizes are 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8".

High Pressure Connector
High Pressure Connector

This patented high pressure connector is designed specifically for larger tubes (1/2" and larger) above 10,000 psi. The ferrules in this design are hydraulically set and then mechanically compressed. Our testing has indicated this connector is stronger than the tube. 1/2" results produced no leaks even at 20,000 psi internal pressure and 6,000 lbf axial pull to failure. This is the connector for ultra deep applications.

Pressure/Pull to Failure Test on a 1/2 inch 0.065 wall alloy 825 tube.
Check Valve
Check Valve

Exclusive features of the PetroTechnologies Dual Check are:


  • Externally testable control line connection. External method of testing the connection between the chemical injection tube and the top of the check assembly reduce installation time and verifies a tight connection. There's no need to use a time consuming and complicated internal test tool tool on the rig floor. The connection between the check and the mandrel/nipple is tested prior to shipping to or at the wellsite.

  • At the connection between the chemical injection tube and the check, the primary seal is metal to metal with an elastomer secondary. This lessens the possibility of a leak from the tubing to the annulus.

  • Redundant checks, one "hard seat" and one "soft seat" independently tested during assembly reduce the possibility of tubing pressure in the injection line.

  • Alloy 625 body, Alloy 925 connectors, Alloy 825 ferrules. PetroTechnologies uses the finest and most appropriate alloys to eliminate material related failures. Alloy 625 and 925 are ultrasonically tested to mil spec 2154 for cracks before machining. Soft seat poppet uses a Parker FF500 o-ring.

  • No body connections. The body of the check is welded after assembly and testing to reduce the possibility of a leak between the tubing and the annulus.

  • Burst disk standard pressures 4,200 and 6,000 psi.

  • Patent pending redundantly sealed single end sub design solidly mounts valve to mandrel. Installation of the tube to the top of the valve locks the valve into the mandrel.

Quick Connection Evaluation Service
Quick Connection Evaluation Service

This new process (multiple patents pending) compares the response of the actual connector to a known non leaking response. If the response is the same, the connection is tight. Below is actual field data. The test duration is 300 seconds. The evaluation will detect very small leaks essentially immediately. This saves considerable non productive rig time!

Connection Stub
Connection Sub

The multi line connection sub was designed to terminate assemblies in a single location saving rig time and making onsite installation easier.

Chemical Injection System
Chemical Injection System

The chemical injection systems feature redundantly sealed connection, custom design, and quick delivery.

ISO Certification
ISO Certification
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Contact Us

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